Bring operational Efficiency to your Digital marketing Efforts

Companies lose 20% to 30% of their revenue  to inefficiencies every year

The problem is only amplified with large Digital Marketing teams & Multi-agency structures.

Managers spend 80% of their time on communication than strategies

Did you Did you know? know?


Organize your workflows

Wasting time trying to sort endless poles of data? DigiVerse helps you organize your workflows and serves as a reliable activity tracker.

  • Maintain a repository of all your all your Agency Partners along with their work history.
  • Understand Budget Vs Actual campaign performances to strategize better.
  • Get list of ongoing and historic campaign data including budgets, media plans and performance.

Unclog the Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks are the main cause of opportunity losses and wastage of marketing spends. Get your projects streamlined with DigiVerse.

  • FIX YOUR OPERATIONAL HEADACHE by completing your project consolidation tasks in a jiffy
  • See upcoming campaigns to plan budgets and resources
  • Get timely alerts for key KPIs

Facilitate inter-partner communications

Don’t loose important communication in lengthy mail trails. Find what you are looking for at the first try

  • Guided Campaign set-up.
  • Get dedicated portal for each partner
  • Share documents and invoices over a single interface
  • GET PLANNED VS ACTUALS REPORTS for all Campaigns in a dedicate format.


With all that data, manage interdependent workloads efficiently and dedicate more time to strategizing instead of fixing operations. To do this; DigiVerse provides you a plethora of reports that can be used and incorporated your Business Reviews.

  • Cut through the noise and get game changing insights with your One View Dashboard.
  • Get Campaign performance reports in beautiful format.
  • Tailor report matrices to fit your KPI needs.